Living and Dying Fearlessly

Would you dare Death to take you?

Most people would say, “When the right time comes, of course…”

But you don’t really know when your time will be up. Or how you’d slip away . . . you could get ill, meet an accident, or be a calamity victim. No matter how you leave, the transition is easier when you know how to face death without fear.

So how do you face your own mortality head on?

You can’t… without having lived fully…

Nobody said it’s going to be easy. Life doesn’t come with a how-to-live-well workshop. Neither does dying…

Until now…

Living and Dying Fearlessly is a one-day workshop that explores life and death within a metaphysical perspective. Life becomes an adventure of “willing to live,” of graceful aging as one prepares for the inevitable. Death becomes a conscious experience of spiritual awakening.


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