ScalarPrana                Cancer Therapy

Do you know of anybody who has cancer? Chances are most of them have passed away. The few survivors tell of the painful, isolating experience of going through chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or surgery–only to encounter the dreaded C for the second time.

The number of people who have succumbed to cancer continues to rise at an alarming rate. Thanks to medical breakthroughs, there have been some available cancer treatments. The more advanced treatments though are still in the pipeline and, once out in the market, may be financially prohibitive to most patients.

ScalarPrana offers an effective alternative to expensive, conventional cancer intervention. Our well-defined energy protocols have been designed to boost the low energy level of cancer cells, and re-awaken and enhance the body’s natural intelligence to fight malignant tumors without compromising healthy cells.

Both professional and non-professional healers can expect to learn a powerful approach to helping cancer patients when they take this workshop. Cancer survivors can derive a sense of empowerment in knowing what the disease is all about and how they can take better care of themselves.

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