Clairvoyance 1and 2

Are you one of those people who believe that the physical world is the only existing level of reality? And that our physical senses are the only tools that can link us to the outside world?

If you are, has it occurred to you that the capacity of your physical senses to recognize certain experiences and phenomena are naturally limited? This is because these senses are hardwired to relate only to the material dimension. They are not enough to connect you to the unseen wonders of subtle energy.

What if there’s a portal through which you could enter into another world of reality? What if you could expand the boundaries of your perception? What if you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel beyond the physical dimension? What if your higher senses could help you “pluck” information virtually out of thin air?

ScalarPrana Clairvoyance is a one-day workshop that will help you develop your ability to shift between the seen and unseen worlds. Fine tune your inner faculties so you can clearly and consistently receive information.

When the physical and higher senses are trained and disciplined consciously, and aligned with our spiritual faculty, we develop a broader perspective, and a sense of self-mastery or life mastery. We become more conscious of ourselves and our surroundings, and become alive in our awareness about life. We are happier, result- and achievement-oriented and we develop good problem-solving skills.

Workshop Highlights

  • Open your awareness and sensitivity to the finer vibrations of life energy.

  • Spontaneously distill information that would not be available otherwise through the physical senses.

  • Understand yourself and others better.

  • Learn techniques on how to tap into your inner powers when you interact with friends, families, business people, or when in politics or just about any area of your life.

  • Cultivate your powers of discernment and intuition; learn to listen to your inner voice 

  • Recognize the blocks to opening your higher senses and how to overcome them

  • “See” things in a larger and deeper perspective, and make wiser choices and better decisions.

  • Help you recognize ideas that pop up seemingly from nowhere in order to come up with solutions you’ve never thought of

Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop in different areas and contact us.

  • June 10, (Level 1), Thun, Switzerland

For the complete list of workshop schedules, visit Events: .http://www.scalarprana.com/events-1

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