Pain Management

True or false? A pain-free state is possible without drugs.

If you answer true, then read on.

All people experience pain at some point in their lives—a little throb on the head here or a bit of toothache there . . . For some, the simple act of texting or lifting something can cause sore muscles. Eating cheese or smelling a strong fragrance can give migraine headaches. Of course, there’s work-related stress and strain that can bring not only physical, but psychological pain as well.

Then there are those who suffer from chronic pain for the most part of their lives. If you’re one of them or you’ve been around someone who struggles with pain daily, then you’re no stranger to the sense of isolation pain sufferers go through. Pain may interfere with activities of daily living or disrupt work, lifestyle, emotional balance and sometimes relationships. It can even snuff the life out of your dreams and ambition.

Would you allow pain to limit what you can do with your life?

Most chronic pain sufferers have learned to accept and cope with their condition while using doctor-prescribed pain killers. Due to its quick-fix nature, it’s no surprise that it’s at the top of the list in pain management. Sadly, however, the ease of popping a pill to numb pain has made many people like a walking drugstore. As the soreness and throbbing sensation recurs, some feel they have no choice but to reach for more pain pills—if only to get by for the day.

With long-term use, the side effects start popping up, further complicating the original health problem. As tolerance and dependency increase, addiction is not too far behind. The safety of using pain medications over time has been highlighted significantly by the recent deaths of some prominent pain killer-addicted celebrities. All of these, plus the fact that although pain killers do suppress and relieve pain, they don’t eliminate its cause. If there’s a more effective drug-free alternative to manage pain, would you try it?

Pre-requisite: ScalarPrana Scalar Energy Cultivation 1 and   ScalarPrana Colour Therapy

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