Mini Workshop:
Healing Your Trauma

When does the past stand between the present and the future?

When your memories are painful and terrifying, life becomes a constant inner battle. Unresolved trauma impacts not only your psychological balance but also your physical system, manifesting later as severe or chronic diseases. It interferes with enjoying your life in the present and affects the choices you will be making for the future.

Healing your Trauma is designed to help release the traumatic energy of your past, so it does not muddle your present life and you are free to create the future you want. 

Workshop Highlights

  • Learn to face, disarm and disempower the ugly phantom of your past. 

  • Be more aware of your distressing behavioral reactions

  • Learn to unload your psycho-emotional baggage

  • Strengthen coping mechanisms 

  • Restore inner balance and connection

  • Understand yourself better

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