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Is your life heading to where it’s supposed to go? Or do you feel that you have taken the wrong turn? If you got lost along the way, Moirae Counseling can help you put your life back on track.

The term “Moirae” refers to the Greek goddesses who control the thread of life of every man from birth to death, and beyond. In reality, the Soul creates, spins, writes, and directs man’s destiny.

Moirae Counseling helps you approach your most urgent issues in relationships, business, career, and your spiritual journey through soul connection and soul psychology.  It’s a one-on-one “reading” session that guides you to connect with soul energy in order to help you put the random pieces of your life into one cohesive design.

If you are confused about which path to take, Moirae sessions can help you redefine your purpose in life and steer it towards your soul’s direction. As your purpose becomes clearer, you’ll learn to come up with spiritual strategies that respect the will and the plan of your soul as well as those of other people.

The reading will help you recognize underlying, sometimes subconscious, problems and concerns, and bring it to the surface. You will be guided to understand your situation and how to deal with it objectively, free from glamour and illusions.  

Interested to have a Moirae Counseling? It will help you take the path of conscious living.

To book an appointment, fill in the boxes below. You will receive a reply within seven days. You may avail either online or personal coaching for a minimum of one hour. If you prefer personal consultation, please check the workshop schedule for the following areas below* so we can set up an appointment. 

*Personal counseling is available in the Philippines, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, Austria, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and San Francisco, USA. 

Moirae Counselor: Fe Pacheco

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