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ScalarPrana Immune System Therapy

Our health and well-being largely depends on how well our immune system can sustain us. When the immune system is intelligent, its surveillance mechanism is able to detect harmful invaders or foreign cells. Once it breaks down, the resulting imbalance will lead to health problems, such as allergies, arthritis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases as well as HIV and AIDS. 

Is it possible to restore the intelligence of the immune system? 

ScalarPrana Immune System Therapy is designed to provide optimal energetic support for the immune system and boost its capacity to protect and safeguard the body.  When the needs of the immune system are addressed properly, half of the healing work is done. It becomes easier to manage other aspects of healing,  health recovery is faster and the body does not fall prey easily to diseases.  

Pre-requisite: ScalarPrana Scalar Energy Cultivation 1

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  • Mar 23-24, Thessaloniki, Greece

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