ScalarPrana and         Nervous System Disorders

The nervous system is like an information highway where data travel at a speed faster than it would take to blink your eyes. When the communication lines of the nervous system become blocked or jumbled, neurologic deficits may take the form of memory loss, paralysis, coordination and balance problems or some other signs and symptoms related to the nervous system.

While the orthodox medical view maintains that nerve damage is irreversible, this workshop zeroes in on repair and regeneration of nerve cells in the brain, spine and peripheral nerves. You’ll learn to use energy frequencies that promote healing and restore damaged nerves and nerve pathways. Only when the system is restored to its healthy state can your mind and body experience optimal well-being!

Workshop Highlights

  • Simplified nervous system anatomy and physiology designed for energy healers

  • How to use ScalarPrana colors with healing tools

  • Cleansing the Scalar Energy Zones

  • How to effectively heal subtle energy channels and pathway

  • Balancing the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System

  • How to heal specific nervous system disorders

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