ScalarPrana Remote Healing


ScalarPrana Remote Healing is a very convenient way to receive healing energy right in the comfort of your own home, office, school or anywhere you are at any given time—even if our healing team is halfway across the globe!

How can this possibly work?  Similar to how a computer is able to wirelessly access and connect to the Internet, a ScalarPrana therapist “links” to a patient through a field of invisible vibrations of energy. This allows the therapist to tune in to the energy condition of another person, and apply cutting-edge ScalarPrana techniques.

Who Needs to Subscribe?

Those who

  • have acute/chronic and severe physical ailments or psychological problems

  • have to deal with different kinds of people and need positive psychic support 

  • need energetic support before, during and after medical surgery

  • need pain management

  • have a very stressful, demanding profession

  • constantly travel 

  • need energetic support to harmonize family and business relationships

  • are medical practitioners who need to maintain good, positive energy while treating patients.

  • are energy healers who want to be protected from prana contamination

  • are too busy healing or helping others and have no time to heal themselves

  • simply want to maintain health and wellness 

To subscribe, fill in the details below, select the number of months for your subscription period and click the submit button.

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