The Spiritual Psychology Of The 7 Rays

Seven colors in the visible spectrum… each with its own tint, its own hue…
Seven musical notes… each with a distinct pitch…
What makes colors and notes different from each other are their frequencies…
Each note, each color has a quality of energy all its own.

Each of them is an expression of the Seven Rays.

We are also influenced by the seven rays. Our frequency makes us who we are. Patterns of energy give us our unique personality tone and color– certain characteristics, inclinations, strengths and weaknesses…

The Seven Rays, as the new Psychology of this age, demands that we go deeper in understanding ourselves, and in so doing, understanding others too. You’ll learn that as you express your soul, you become more authentic, allowing others to also express their beingness, and becoming less judgmental in the process. But it doesn’t stop there.

You’ll have more awareness in the dynamics of human interaction, and of relationships that are worth building and keeping. You’ll realize too how the Rays play out in the lives of all humanity, including leaders in the world stage.

And there’s more. When you take this one-day workshop you’ll learn to strengthen your Rays with healing techniques and meditation. As you learn to be more in tune with who you are, you’ll know which job, career or vocation will best fulfill your soul’s purpose — if you haven’t figured it out yet.

So, don’t be a stranger to yourself. Come and discover more about You!

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