I want to thank you for your help with back pain. Mom Marija has a big problem with sciatica and intervertebral discs, and this ScalarPrana has made a miracle! The degree of pain has been reduced significantly.

– Jasmina

I am using ScalarPrana for my father, who had a stroke in May. We tried different therapies, including physiotherapy, etc. Then I learned from my friend about what you’ve been doing and without any great expectations, tried it. It is now used once or twice a month. Initially, my father could pronounce words more clearly. The following time, the therapy helped to ease some of the paralysis in his arm. His vision was also affected after the stroke and even here ScalarPrana helped a lot. I usually do not believe in this kind of matter, but after I’ve seen the results and how my father has been more responsive, I have no other way of looking at it except as a miracle. 

- Ana