ScalarPrana Business Therapy

The initial stages of creating a business can be particularly challenging and stressful. Those who overcome the risks and trials in the early years of operation go on to become successful entrepreneurs. There are those, however, who despite their skills and acumen for business or best efforts to follow marketing rules struggle to consistently rack up sales that would keep the operations afloat. If this is where you are right now, you must have been wondering what went wrong and what you could do about it.

What seems to be holding you back from achieving success in your business? What can be done to swing an adverse business climate to your favor?

Most business leaders would check the system, organization, human resources, sales and marketing, and other aspects of the enterprise. But hardly would they dare to look at the unseen side of the business. If you take care of this first, businesses will thrive easily.  

ScalarPrana Business Therapy deals with the  energetic component of an enterprise rather than its physical requirements. This workshop will help balance the energy of  psychological and psychic conditions that affect one’s business, including techniques to overcome financial stress. It also empowers a businessperson with the correct understanding, mindset and attitude that one should take to steer business towards the right direction, his or her relationship with partners, as well as the development of a proper business consciousness. 


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