ScalarPrana                  Color Therapy 

ScalarPrana Color Therapy is a more thorough and in-depth workshop on healing, balancing, and harmonizing the body. While Scalar Energy Cultivation 1 teaches you how to build your own Scalar Energy and heal yourself, this workshop focuses on healing other people using ScalarPrana colours. .

You learn more advanced concepts, principles and techniques that are geared towards faster, quality healing. At the end of the workshop, you'll have the knowledge and skills to assist you in addressing chronic and serious ailments, and to heal other people without feeling stressed, drained or contaminated.

Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop in different areas and contact us.

  • Feb 24, Makati, Philippines

  • Mar 12, Thun, Switzerland

  • Mar 30, Lozzo Atestino, Italy

  • Jun 15, Milan, Italy

For the complete list of workshop schedules, visit our homepage and scroll down to Events in 2019 or go to Events: http://www.scalarprana.com/events/.

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