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There's a positive correlation between health and happiness. When you're happy, your body releases "happy hormones" that block pain, improve your immune system function and boost your health and well-being. It's the wellness cycle: When you're healthy, you're happy, and when you're happy, you tend to become healthier. A healthy mind and body means you can be more productive, and you can pursue your goals and dreams with passion!

Your health isn't something you can simply leave to chance. You owe it to yourself and to the people you love to take responsibility for your own well-being. You can be more effective in life when you are healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

That is why we are inviting you to take part in a self-empowering one-of-a-kind health cultivation workshop that you can't get anywhere else.

Scalar Energy Cultivation 1 is a one day workshop that teaches how to cultivate Scalar energy: Balance and harmonize your aura, and boost happiness, wellness and vitality. Develop and strengthen your energy to improve your life and attract the desires of your heart.

Workshop Highlights

  • Increase the innate intelligence of the body, enhance its power to generate more energy and increase vitality levels

  • Learn to detoxify & revitalize the body on the cellular level

  • Activate the scalar zones

  • Strengthen the body’s defenses against diseases.

  • Balance the mind and emotions

  • Enhance the body’s capacity to fight stress and depression

  • Protect yourself against psychic contamination

  • Shield yourself from various types of pollution, including electrosmog, and neutralize their harmful effects

Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop in different areas and contact us.

  • Feb 24, Makati City, Philippines

  • June 8, Thun, Switzerland

  • June 22, Slovenska, Bistrica, Slovenia

  • June 29, Makati City, Philippines

  • July 21, Makati City, Philippines

For the complete list of workshop schedules, visit Events: http://www.scalarprana.com/events-1 


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