ScalarPrana Spiritualized Sexuality

We are physical beings as far as having a body is concerned. On the other hand, we do have a spiritual nature. This perspective of duality, however, often creates a wedge between our two natures, leading to an inner divisiveness that reflects on our physical and psychological realities.

The physical side of us is endowed with drives, appetites and instincts that are necessary for humanity’s survival. Sexual instinct, driven as it is by impulse and passion, is so powerful that, given the right combination of energies, it can recreate another human being. Beyond its procreative potentiality, this instinct is usually expressed for sensual bonding and pleasure, but for most people, that’s where it stops. Experienced this way, physical sexuality tends to be possessive, selfish and draining to one’s natural energies over time.

From a higher perspective, however, sexuality can be a sublime, sacred experience. At this level the separation between the physical and the spiritual disappears. Matter and spirit merge. Yin and Yang, Shakti and Shiva embrace in a cosmic dance and become one in divine love.

Learning to harness and transmute sexual energy cultivates the deepest love and intimacy you could possibly have with your own soul and strengthens the bond between partners. This depth of spirituality translates to a sacred sexuality that can bring about beneficial changes to your life–regulating and balancing your hormones, and strengthening the immune system, which leads to rejuvenation, healing and wellness. It also increases fertility, as well as virility for males.

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