Yoga of the Soul          (Levels 1-4 plus)

Do you know yourself up close and personal?

What defines you? Is it your looks, your job or career, material possessions or your wealth? Is it another person or a group affiliation?

For most people, the basis for defining one’s identity lies in the expressions or trappings of the outer self or personality. This kind of scenario invites emotional turmoil and confusion that swings from excitement to depression, from fulfilment to disappointment.

What do you do when Life mimics a melodrama?

When you stop defining yourself through your personality, you strip your consciousness of glamour and illusions, and you start to see yourself through the eyes of your Soul. This shift in perspective becomes profound and life-changing when the personality is under the direction of the Soul.

Yoga of the Soul is designed to help you discover your Inner Self by aligning and integrating the Personality with the Soul. By balancing the sutratma, sushumna, kundalini, and antakharana, it bridges the gap between man and his soul, refines and purifies his character, and allows divine energy to have full control over his personality. As the Personality reflects the experiences of the Soul, it begins to radiate love, joy, beauty, wisdom, compassion, understanding and other qualities that help us grow and mature spiritually. When divine energy is grounded into our system, we see truth ultimately, and achieve union and oneness with the Divine.

Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop and contact us.

  • Mar 2-3, Makati, Philippines

  • May 18-19, Lozzo Atestino, Italy

For the complete list of workshop schedules, visit our homepage and scroll down to Events in 2019 or go to Events: http://www.scalarprana.com/events/.

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