+ What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy is the underlying energy of the universe. It is energy that comes from “Zero-Point Energy Field”, a term coined by Albert Einstein to describe the field of energy behind everything in the universe, or “Matrix” the term coined by Max Planck. “Zero-point” refers to a type of energy that has no frequency. It cannot be detected and measured by any conventional frequency device. Scalar energy cannot be diminished nor contaminated. It has many applications in various fields, including physical and psychological healing. Nicola Tesla, a scientist, was the first man who harness scalar energy in order to produce free electricity.

+ What is Prana?

Prana is the Sanskrit term for “breath”. It is vital energy, the life-sustaining force of living beings that comes from the sun. It flows through the nadis, which are energy channels in the body. It sustains the body and is part of the physical realm or the electromagnetic field. It can be contaminated by toxic energy coming from people or the environment. Prana is subject to entropy.

+ What is the difference between Prana and Scalar Energy?

Prana is energy that is part of the subtle electromagnetic spectrum. Since it is electromagnetic, it can be detected, measured, recorded and photographed [Kirlian photography]. Man’s physical and subtle bodies make use of prana through the chakras for healing and keeping the body alive and healthy. This is why you can feel or sense prana, and also the aura. Scalar energy for healing is harnessed from the zero-point energy field through the 7 Scalar Energy Zones or S-zones. Scalar Energy is the cosmic intelligence behind the electromagnetic spectrum. It creates and gives power, coherence, structure, and direction to Prana. Scalar energy is a higher form of energy that cannot be measured by any standard frequency instrument.

+ What is ScalarPrana Therapy workshop?

The ScalarPrana Therapy workshop makes use of the 7 Scalar Energy Zones (S-zones) as gateways of scalar energy and the chakras as the gateways of prana. It focuses on cultivating and generating scalar energy and integrates it with prana to heal one’s self and others.

+ How does ScalarPrana Therapy work?

The human body has a natural capacity for self-recovery and healing. Both prana and scalar energies are utilized by the therapist to awaken and strengthen the innate intelligence of the body to facilitate, accelerate and restore health.

+ Why does ScalarPrana Remote Therapy work?

Remote healing approach is based on the idea that energy can be transferred from one person to another from a distance. This is in line with theories of quantum physics that subatomic particles communicate and affect each other at the other end of the universe.

+ What are the benefits of learning ScalarPrana Energy Therapy?

When you or other members of your family are sick, knowing what to do in the midst of crisis can be empowering. When applied properly, they aid in the rapid recovery and the healing of illness.

+ What is the minimum/maximum age requirement for taking the course?

In general, they should have a more mature awareness, and are interested in energy work. Our oldest workshop participant was 80 years old while the youngest was 13 years old.

+ Do Prana and Scalar Energy have side effects when processed and cultivated?


+ If I make use of ScalarPrana Therapeutics, should I stop going to the doctor?

Our work supports and complements medical science. We encourage a balanced way of dealing with health conditions. We encourage complementing other treatment program or protocol with the necessary alternative medicine and naturopathy, such as the use of nutritional supplements, proper diet, acupuncture, homeopathy, physical therapy, etc.

+ Is there such a thing as complete healing?

Yes, complete healing occurs when the body’s innate intelligence has been fully restored and the previously disrupted processes in the body become functional. This means that the body’s healing capacity has completely reversed an illness.

+ How often do I need to be healed?

On a daily basis if the condition is chronic or severe, or in case of an emergency. And, once a week for simple cases. However, daily de-stress and detoxification of the aura is highly recommended.

+ How do I know that I am being healed remotely for at least 30 to 45 minutes a day when I avail of Remote Therapy Subscription?

We have a monitoring system. In emergency cases, at least two to three therapists do the healing. We don’t promise spontaneous, miraculous healing. We promise to help balance and harmonize your energy field or living light and help re-awaken your body’s capacity to heal itself. We also expect that you’ll participate in your own healing.

+ What are the things I need to do when I subscribed for Remote Therapy?

Since we work closely with medical professionals, we may ask you to present laboratory and diagnostic results in order to assist the healing team to better determine how to effectively deal with your case. We also ask that you provide us with a medical feedback of your condition regularly.

+ Do you accept all kinds of problems for Remote Therapy subscription?

We believe that we can assist all kinds of problems in different degrees using remote techniques. The main part of our work is geared towards restoring the intelligence of the body to heal itself. The limitation to restore or renew this healing mechanism is higher in emergency cases, or if the condition is severe, chronic or congenital. We believe that it is not impossible to alleviate suffering or reverse any kind of problem unless the patient himself/herself gives up and/or the Soul withdraws.

+ Are your courses and practices in conflict with religion?

No. Many of the concepts or principles are based on spiritual truths, ancient wisdom, scientific principles, and medical and health discoveries.

+ What is the Flower of Life ScalarPrana Pendant?

The FOL (Flower of Life) ScalarPrana pendant is a one-of-a-kind health tool that can help influence wellness and overall well-being. Addressing physical and psychological concerns, the pendant is made from the powerful fusion of the choicest minerals, the healing intelligence of crystals, and the FOL’s creative energy. It also contains a special energy program for healing and balance. A cell rejuvenator, it aligns with the physical body immediately upon contact to jump-start the healing process.

+ What can I expect from wearing the pendant?

Wearing the pendant revitalizes the cells and minimizes energy leaks. As a result, you become more focused in your work — or schoolwork, with regards to children. It can also make the wearer more psychologically balanced.

+ Does wearing the pendant produce a healing crisis?

There are isolated cases especially in the first few days, as the body seeks for balance and harmony, the wearer may experience an energy crisis with any of the following symptoms: dizziness, tingling sensation, heightened awareness, inability to sleep soundly for 2 to 3 days or falling into a deep sleep even at daytime. Once harmony is achieved, the wearer experiences its positive effect.

+ What are the side effects of wearing the pendant?

There are no known side effects. If a person wants to wear more than one pendant, he should listen to his body’s reaction. It is possible that the physical body may react strongly immediately or over a period of time.

+ What kinds of pendants are available?

The ScalarPrana pendant comes in a variety of sizes. Click to view photos. Regular Mini Pointed Regular Pendant Big Stainless Steel Pendant: Round or Pointed

+ Do I have to wear the pendant every day?

Yes, if you want to maximize it. You can also put it inside your pocket or pin it on your undershirt.

+ Can I wear the pendant and then give it later to someone else?

Yes, you can pass it on to your children and even to your grandchildren.

+ I’m pregnant. Can I wear the pendant?

Yes. Listen and follow your body.

+ Can I wear the pendant even if I do not know how to use it?

Yes, because it automatically balances your body even if you don’t know how it works.

+ My pet is sick. Can it wear the pendant?

Small pendants for small pets. Big pendants for big pets.

+ Can I wear the biggest pendant around my neck–or several of them?

Listen and follow the wisdom of your body.

+ Can I wear the pendant when traveling?

Yes. However, to avoid delay put it in inside your check-in luggage. Firstly, some airport detection systems are too sensitive to metal objects. Secondly, the pointed pendant or wand may not be acceptable in the security area.