I am a ScalarPrana workshop sub-organizer in Slovenia, and I would like to share some of the testimonials of my patients:

  • I am using ScalarPrana for my father, who had a stroke in May. We tried different therapies, including physiotherapy, etc. Then I learned from my friend about what you’ve been doing and without any great expectations, tried it. It is now used once or twice a month. Initially, my father could pronounce words more clearly. The following time, the therapy helped to ease some of the paralysis in his arm. His vision was also affected after the stroke and even here ScalarPrana helped a lot. I usually do not believe in this kind of matter, but after I’ve seen the results and how my father has been more responsive, I have no other way of looking at it except as a miracle.  -- Ana


  • I would just like to thank you for yesterday’s ScalarPrana. Today, my muscle spasm is completely gone, and it’s amazing! Great help indeed! – Barbara


  • I want to thank you for your help with back pain. Mom Marija has a big problem with sciatica and intervertebral discs, and this ScalarPrana has made a miracle! The degree of pain has been reduced significantly. – Jasmina


  • My father has dementia problem. ScalarPrana helped a lot. He is more focused and has regained his will to live. – Nevenka


  • Since the beginning of September 2015, my son Luka, had terrible problems with going to kindergarten. There was recurrence of bed wetting, nightmares, and insomnia. Last week, ScalarPrana was done and if I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would have not believed it. He is more independent now, bed wetting problems are gone and he is not crying when he has to go to his kindergarten group. His teachers have also noticed the difference. Many thanks to you! – Nataša


  • I used your service during the summer when I had a more difficult time at work, sales dropped dramatically and I came into conflict with my business partner. I have to say therapy helped a lot. I have much more focus, concentration, am more relaxed and it was easier for me to make a significant business decision. – Anja


  • I would like to express my satisfaction with your service. Due to the stress of divorce, I was a nervous wreck and my daughter felt similar effects. I was faced daily with stress and my daughter's successful performance in school diminished . After therapy, I was very calm and my apathy was unusually quickly resolved, as if I were reborn and could normally do my work. -- Nina


  • My brother was faced with depression for the last two years. He was dealing with hallucinations, insomnia and a lack of focus. He had several ScalarPrana psychotherapy sessions. After the healing, it was as if he woke up from a long  sleep. He regained his interest in what was happening around him. He socializedmore with people and began to engage in sports. Unbelievable! -- Jelka

Dušanka Spolenak


My 84-year old mother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for years and last February the doctor diagnosed a suspected myelodysplasia, which could developed into leukemia. She could not take any medicine, as this could interfere with the cure against Alzheimer’s disease. In May I started treating her with ScalarPrana healing colours three times a week. At the beginning of July, the last blood tests showed that all parameters were within the standard levels. The doctor could not believe she did not take any medicine!  

Padua, Italy

Within a few weeks of practicing ScalarPrana cultivation, I experienced inner peace, my emotions became very stable and I feel more joy in my heart with each passing day! Most importantly, there was a shift in consciousness I have never experienced before! Scalar energy is indeed a higher energy that sustains health in all aspects and leads you to an increasing rate of spirituality in its true sense! The secret lies hidden in the scalar zones, a really advanced spiritual practice that literally came from the future!        

Ioannis Betsanis
Volos, Greece


I have been using another healing modality for the past 18 years until I took ScalarPrana last 2015. I have experienced the wide contrast between the two healing energy modalities. Scalar energy is subtle, unconditional, and more intelligent. The healing happens faster and the results are next to miracles. I have noticed that Scalar energy works on the psychological makeup of the patient too, and thus he or she becomes calm, peaceful and positive. Even the external circumstances of the patient changed, leading to healing. ScalarPrana is the ultimate in energy healing. To date, I believe it's the most advanced energy healing modality.

Joy Fallarme Neri
Perth, Australia

Andreja Novak

Zalec, Slovenia

I have few very special testimonials from people who have been told by doctors that they cannot have much hope for the future, but with ScalarPrana they are able to live better lives.

One of these was 92-year old Mr. Kovac, who was hospitalized on 25 December 2015. He was living alone and had a small stroke. During this time, he burned himself and his condition was bad. Doctors didn’t want to give any hope to his relatives.  After three days, they contacted me and I did a few ScalarPrana remote healings. Soon he started to recover and doctors were surprised at how quickly he was making progress. After a few weeks I met him in a health spa. He couldn’t walk, talk or move much. I was doing daily ScalarPrana distantly for two weeks and we met once monthly. Within those two weeks, he started to walk and talk. He recovered to a point where he could live more independently.  I couldn’t erase his years away, but his spirit is strong and he can move, and have happy moments with his family. 

I attended my first Scalarprana workshop in October 2014.  It happened by chance. Honestly, I was very skeptical at first, maybe because I didn't know anything about energy or simply because I didn't know anybody and I was afraid of being cheated. But something inside of me told me to try and I did it! Satisfied? Yes, a lot...so I did this workshop again in May of this year. I'm practicing the Scalarprana cultivation regularly. Before that I was in a difficult period physically and mentally, full of confusion and stress. Now I have much more energy, I live my life with more serenity and courage and my anxiety has decreased. I'm calmer than before. Now I can clearly think about what to do with my life. My social relationships are improving as well, despite my perpetual shyness. It's like the wall that I built for years around me to protect myself is crumbling down little by little. I'm aware that the path is not always easy, but now I feel confident and not alone anymore.


Vicenza, Italy

Tatjana McCormick
Aarau, Switzerland

In August 2012, my mother, Therese Straehl, aged 78, was diagnosed to have metastases in both lungs and liver, originating from the breast cancer she had in 1993. Her doctors decided to give her six rounds of combined chemotherapy with pills and infusions.

I myself have been treated with ScalarPrana for quite some time, having excellent results, and it was clear that my mother should get this healing as well, so we asked for ScalarPrana treatment through the Bioenergetics Training Center.

My mother has been receiving healings for almost 5 months now. In this time she already had to undergo 4 chemo treatments. The side effects are almost none, apart from a little tiredness. Even the doctors are surprised how good she is dealing with the chemo treatment.

My brother was bedridden for at least six months, due to amputation of the right big toe, lots of medications and no therapies. His response to Scalar Prana treatment was incredibly quick. After 2 weeks he could already walk a few steps and now, after 6 weeks of treatment, he is able to get up from bed by himself and walk 50 meters (with the support of a walking frame). He states that he feels power and energy coming back to his legs! As of today, less than 8 weeks, there is a huge progress and he is now able to walk without any help.

Our whole family is tremendously thankful to the healing team for their work!

Tadeja Polajžar

Since four years ago, I have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. One month ago I was in the sauna for 7 hours. There was a lot of essential oils and a lot of heat, but I have to avoid every smell because of my homeopathic pills. In a few days my left leg and foot become very weak and I couldn’t move the foot. I wrote to the ScalarPrana healers, and they did the therapy every day for 1 month. For 5 days my leg and foot was very weak, and i couldn’t move the foot, not a bit. Then every day was a little better, and after 2 weeks I walked almost normal. I have to train a lot, because the leg becomes very tired after a few minutes. Now, one month after I feel the leg normal again, I can walk a lot and I work 8 hours again like before. My doctor almost cannot believe it that I am so okay. Usually conditions like that are there for a few months. I was okay in 2 weeks, thanks to ScalarPrana Therapy and also my homeopathic pills.

Leslee Ison,
Manila, Philippines


When my nephew had a stroke, the left side of his head and his left arm were getting numbed and his heart palpitation was so strong. Using the ScalarPrana pendants (I used 4 jumbo pendants) and healing techniques, the numbness was gone in 10 minutes. I’m so thankful and humbled by the healing.

Cerille Eugene
Manila, Philippines





My niece was hospitalized due to diet pills overdose. Effects of the overdose were extreme mood swings and kidney inflammation. Mood-stabilizing medicines prescribed caused horrendous side effects such as tremors, headaches, limb weakness, potential diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, blurring of vision, etc. Her doctors did not want to stop prescribing these horrible mood stabilizers, so we decided to subscribe to three ScalarPrana therapists to remotely conduct daily healing. The doctors were surprised with her miraculously rapid healing. She was out of the hospital in a short time. Now, her ScalarPrana is still done daily and her diet consists mostly of brain foods (vegetables, fish and fruits). I didn’t give her doctor’s prescribed mood stabilizers, only vitamin B complex, melatonin, magnesium, fish oil, spirulina, and multivitamins. She is now all right. Thank you so much.

I experienced terrible migraine and my friend, a ScalarPrana practitioner removed the head pain using the ScalarPrana healing wands. Bless you for teaching my friend the ScalarPrana techniques.

Norlinda Abulay
Mandaluyong, Philippines

So thankful for the ScalarPrana healing pendant. I used it in healing my leg cramp which I would sometimes suffer at bedtime. In a few seconds the cramps disappeared.

Lorico Manuel
Quezon City, Philippines

SM, Manila, Philippines

In March 2012, I had an MRI which showed a blockage in my pancreas. I underwent Whipple surgery to remove a tumor, which turned out to be malignant. The tumor was diagnosed as primary ductal carcinoma (PDA), stage 2B which is a very aggressive type of cancer. The operation removed almost all the tumor except a small portion (0.8 cm), which had already attached to my portal vein. Removing it was very risky, so right there and then, I decided to embrace a holistic system of healing to cure me totally of cancer.

Among the modalities I’ve been going through is ScalarPrana. I had remote healing from Bioenergetics Training Center, which helped me cope physically with the effects of chemo — pain all over the body and bones for several days and general weakness/malaise. The pain was lessened and I could tolerate it. Unlike others who took the same chemo, I did not vomit and my appetite was normal. I did not lose weight, which is very important. Aside from ScalarPrana, I had Moirae coaching from Fe who helped guide me to better understand myself in relation with others and to the totality of the universe to which we are all closely interconnected. I believe that I have become a more authentic person who loves people without selfish motives and to be more selfless and understanding. I have removed most, if not all, of my biases and resentments, which is a big part of my healing process, not just physically but soul-wise. I believe that with my spiritual awakening , my soul is now more attuned and aligned with the universe and God.

Because of the multi-dimensional healing that I went through, my most recent tumor marker (CA 19-9) went down from 1,981 to 507. This was a significant decline for pancreatic cancer tumor markers, which usually don’t happen. My CT scan also showed that the foci (1.2cm) that previously appeared in my liver, which could be metastatic, is also gone. According to my oncologist, I had passed the three tests for pancreatic cancer recovery which are clinical (no weight loss, no pain, bloating, jaundice), biologic (lower CA 19-9) and radiologic (latest CT scan results).

I attribute my big improvement to the integrated therapies that I underwent and I will continue doing so until the cancer is totally healed. And most of all, to my firm belief that I am already completely healed.

Makati City, Philippines

Having experienced ScalarPrana for close to a year and a half, I can testify to its remarkable power to energize problem areas of the body – in my case especially the left eye. Just this June [2010], my eye doctor noted its intraocular pressure has risen to 8, as opposed to past readings, which consistently showed a pressure of 2 to 3. Moreover, my good right eye, which has been compensating for my left eye now has a comfortable intraocular pressure of 14. Again on Oct 22, the reading for my left eye was a 7, and the reading for my right eye a 12. This means that the paired organ is now functioning well together.

When I first came for ScalarPrana healing, my good eye was very stressed with a pressure reading of 19 because it had to overcompensate for my left eye. Moreover, the left eye was dull and greyish in color, and the sclera was brownish and dry. Today, my left eye sparkles and is black-brown again. The sclera looks healthy, though traces of the trauma of four surgeries still can be noted. I have had various healing modalities in the past, but the ScalarPrana healing is, I think, the one that has produced a rather remarkably distinct change, not only on my eyes, but my general well-being.

Ever since I wore the ScalarPrana pendant a month ago, I have felt a substantial change in my being. The pendant has given me a sense of balance, and seems to complete those areas where a lack or deficiency of energy is present.

The first time I wore it, I felt a heat suffusing my body and filling up weak or depleted portions of my energy body. This is most remarkable, as the experience is vividly clear and not a matter of autosuggestion.

I recommend this pendant to everyone who wants to feel grouhnded and healthy.

Makati City, Philippines

ScalarPrana has helped me a lot to get rid of stress. Every time I submit myself for healing, I feel so relaxed and cleansed. I have been in the healing world since 2004, but this has been the fastest healing technique I have ever experienced—simple yet powerful.

Dale E.
Las Pinas, Philippines