ScalarPrana Healing Session


Direct Healing Session

A one-hour session with a ScalarPrana practitioner can help alleviate and heal many types of illnesses and diseases—from the simple to the complex, including healing against negative elementals and psychic attacks. It can also help soothe, balance and harmonize your body, mind and spirit. Similar to an “energy spa,” it will leave you feeling rested and revitalized, and raring to face life with a renewed sense of well-being.

As a complement to the healing and upon client's request, we use exquisitely toned, handcrafted Tibetan singing bowls. They have rich overtones and resonance that help reduce stress and bring deep relaxation.

Monthly Remote Healing Subscription

A client may subscribe initially either for himself or someone else for a minimum of one month. Subscription may be renewed or extended on a monthly basis until the health issue has subsided or resolved. To monitor the progress of the patient, assessment of the energetic condition as well as feedback and updates are provided by the healing team. 

Marathon Healing Session

We also accept special request for nonstop, 24/7 healing sessions.  This may last from 1 day to a maximum of 5 days, depending on the severity of the health condition.

For bookings and special rates, send us an email at

The Healing Process

We believe that healing is a process that occurs on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Once the healing process reaches a tipping point, the body gathers sufficient momentum for the sick condition to reverse itself.  This may happen instantaneously (a healing miracle as perceived by others), or may take some time in order for a person to process lessons and issues on personal transformation.

As life energy workers and therapists, we are committed to do our best and to walk the extra mile in order for a patient to regain his health. However, should the Soul decide to withdraw, we also help the person to pass on with less pain and to realize that physical death is not the great unknown. Death is life’s highest form of healing.


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