Our Mission: We aim to promote awareness of the existence of subtle energies, such as Scalar Energy and Prana, by educating people to harness and utilize them for healing, as well as to foster a positive, productive, and meaningful life through self-transformation and higher spirituality.

Our Vision: We dream of human beings who can see both the visible and invisible realms, who understand their power to realize their full potential, and contribute in building a healthy and spiritual world.

 As an alternative energetic school, we continuously improve ourselves to better serve human consciousness in the practical and spiritual levels. 

Our Commitment: We commit to the highest standards in our spiritual practices and practical discipline.

Our Work: We work hard with common sense and self-discipline.

Our Practice: We strive for excellence.

Our Ethics: We do what is right.

Our Attitude: Life is short, simple and magical. Within our mortal self is the seed of immortality.