Mini Workshop:
The Elements of Creation

Man is a microcosm of the universe. Just as the infinite variety of life on Earth results from the mixture of the five basic elements in different proportions, our bodies are likewise a combination of earth, water, fire, air and space/ether.

Giving the body its physical form, the musculo-skeletal system represents the earth element. Temperature, digestion and metabolism correspond to fire in the body while the water element is symbolized by blood and other bodily fluids. The exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide both on the respiratory and cellular level makes up the air element. Space/ether, the fifth element, the driving force behind all these, expresses itself through the nervous system, as well as the spaces between cells, tissues and organs, and ultimately the spaces between atoms.

The five elements do not only influence the physical body, but also the psychological and spiritual aspects of man. Here’s what you’ll learn when you take this workshop:

Workshop Highlights

  • The roles and properties of each element in creation

  • The chakral correspondence of the elements

  • Aligning and balancing the elements within the body

  • Meditation to cleanse the five elements

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