ScalarPrana Healing makes use of both the scalar zones and the chakras.  The scalar energy zones and the chakras are distinct from each other. The scalar zones are entry points of scalar energy, while the chakras are entry points of prana.  When scalar zones are activated and aligned, the body is able to easily harness scalar energy for its sustenance of prana, for health maintenance and healing. 

When you take the ScalarPrana workshops you will learn how to open and activate the scalar zones, and to cultivate and harness scalar energy in the body.  

We have applied the concepts and principles of ScalarPrana to various fields and disciplines, such as those dealing with the human mind and behavior, the brain and the nervous system, hormonal imbalances, strengthening the body's defenses, pain and stress management, and spirituality. We have also utilized it for crystals, colors and sound, as well as to prosperity.