Conversations and Healing with Angels

Conversations and Healing with Angels is a one-day workshop designed to consciously access a two-way line to these celestial beings. The course prepares you to experience angelic presence through a guided process that will help you to become sensitive and to tune in to the angelic realm. It will also help you understand how to work with angels for your own healing and for healing others.

 Workshop Highlights

  • The nature and roles of angels: What they are and what they are not

  • Keys to invite your angel into your life

  • Kinds of angels

  • The difference between angels of light and fallen angels

  • How to know if a message is from the angels

  • Special meditations designed to commune with angels

    Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop in different areas and contact us.

  • June 9, Thun, Switzerland

  • June 14, Milan, Italy

For the complete list of workshop schedules, visit Events: http://www.scalarprana.com/events-1

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