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Mini Workshop:
Love: Path to Enlightenment

Love is a force that overrides every possible approach we could take towards achieving enlightenment. In the highest level, Love, primordial and untainted, gave birth to the Universe, the sun, moon, stars and planets. It forges the link between Divine Deity and humanity.  It supports thriving relationships among men, the perpetuation of the human race and life itself.

This workshop will help you discover the natural ways to use love and acceptance of self and of others, elevate your frequency level, allowing yourself to be open and attuned to opportunities to serve others, and coming to a profound understanding of true happiness, the quintessence of enlightenment. 

Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop and contact us.

  • Jan 27, Makati, Philippines

  • Mar 29, Lozzo Atestino, Italy

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