ScalarPrana                Crystal Therapy 

This is ScalarPrana Therapy combined with the natural healing power of crystals. Crystals of various shapes, sizes and colors have been used in the healing arts for centuries. We use a wide array of high-quality, Scalarprana-infused crystals—clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, obsidian, tourmaline and many others—each with its own healing properties. If you have insomnia, amethyst can help induce sleep. And if you feel emotionally tensed and vulnerable, pretty-in-pink rose quartz can put your nerves to rest. you take part in this workshop, you’ll learn to enhance and upgrade the natural intelligence of crystals with Scalar energy in order to make them a more potent vehicle for healing and even for prosperity.

Workshop Highlights

  • Healing properties of crystals

  • ScalarPrana (crystal) pendant as a healing tool

  • ScalarPrana color crystal combinations and healing applications

  •  When to use specific color crystals

  •  Auric cleansing and revitalizing with crystal work

  •  Remote healing and crystal work

If you’re interested to take this workshop, contact us.

Pre-requisite: ScalarPrana Scalar Energy Cultivation 1 and    ScalarPrana Colour Therapy

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