ScalarPrana Stress and Psychic Energy Management

Stress is a normal part of life. Yet, at times it can be overwhelming. When this happens, it can block your ability to think and perform effectively, and in the long run, it can send your productivity level plummeting.

Stress overload can lead to burnout, which may result in depression when fuelled with unrealistic, unfulfilled expectations. Ignoring the signals can get you trapped in a cycle of more stress, burnout and depression. Along the way, you may develop high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack or some other life-threatening health problems.

Learn to stop this potentially deadly cycle before it stops you!

 Workshop Highlights

  • The onset of stress, and how it may lead to burnout and depression

  • Proven and effective techniques to manage negative thoughts and emotions

  • Dealing with depression without the use of drugs

  • How to neutralize, safeguard and shield yourself from self-generated negative energies, psychic poisons, energy vampires, and psychic attacks

  • Cultivating and increasing the level of positive mental and emotional energies

Check out our 2019 schedule for this workshop in different areas and contact us.

  • May 25-26, Athens, Greece

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